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Ms. Serpa, a vocalist, and Mr. Matos, a guitarist, recently made a calmly stunning duo album, “Primavera,” that capitalizes on their many affinities: as limber improvisers, as thoughtful composers, as selfless ensemble players, and as internationalists hailing originally from Portugal (by way of Boston and New York). (…) “Primavera” is gemlike in its beauty and precision, and manages to be purely about the depth of their rapport(…)“  Nate Chinen, The New York Times

” (…) an enchanting new recording.”   The New Yorker

 (…) one couldn’t ask for a more sonically lustrous offering.  There is never an extra note or a false move on this album“‘ Robert Bush, All About Jazz

(…) Primavera, Serpa’s first venture alone with Matos takes their shared audacity to breathtaking heights.“ Jazz Times Magazine

Sara Serpa e André Matos conceived a sublime record. “Primavera” is a seductive place of harmony“.   O Público

” (…) Most of all, the collaboration of Sara Serpa and Andre Matos is so bright and full of life. (…) In Portuguese, “Primavera” means “in spring”, the season of renewal and creation. Listening to this music, you’ll say “yes” to all counts”.   Step Tempest Blog

“ A tour de force.”  A Jazz Listener’s Thoughts

“(…)an exploration of voice, tone and structure. This use of toughness to offset clarity is all over “Primavera” and it makes for a mesmerizing listen (…)Canadian Audiophile

(…)pin back your ears for something delightful when you listen to this CD. Ethereal, flowing, interweaving harmonies and rhythms that suggest jazz as JS Bach may have written it, with hints of the sound of free jazz on some tracks. (…) The whole CD is a gem.”  Bebop Spoken Here Blog

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