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Nate Chinen‘s piece about Sara Serpa & André Matos new album “All The Dreams” on JazzTimes Magazine.

“Sara Serpa places “Nada” near the midpoint of All the Dreams (Sunnyside), her luminous new collaboration with guitarist André Matos… Serpa, 37, has been a fresh and riveting presence on the vocal-jazz landscape for most of the last decade, though that wasn’t her original aim…” Click here to read more..

Tamar Sella‘s review of Sara Serpa & Ran Blake performance at Kitano in December 2016.

“Sara and Ran’s show was full of moments, gems of collective improvisation gathered throughout the evening, small and very precious. A note offered by one person and immediately repeated by the other. A silence exactly at the moment at which it wasn’t expected.” Click here to read more..