“Singing is music making. This is the essential thing, more important than the sound of the voice. Singing realizes its full potential when we are able to give voice without distortion or affectation to the entire spectrum of human emotion, within the dynamic form of music.” Lajos Szamosi, Libero Canto 

I am fascinated by the sound of the human voice.  My task as a teacher is to hear the student attentively, helping him/her to discover his/her own sound and connect deeper with the process of music making through an arsenal of exercises that explore, with a non-judgmental approach, body movement, awareness and letting go of unnecessary tensions. I love teaching and sharing musical experiences with my students and I see the lesson time as a time for self-discovery for both sides. I expect my students to be open-minded, focused, persistent, creative and respectful.

I have studied Classical Piano, Classical Singing and was a member of a Choir before getting involved with contemporary music. Upon my move to the United States, I have focused my musical studies in Jazz and Improvisation. My work as a performer constantly provides me with useful material for teaching. Since 2010, I have been learning from Deborah Carmichael about Libero Canto, a school of thought and a set of principles  that focuses on a precise and gentle process of giving up excess tension and undue force in the context of singing . I am currently finalizing a teaching program on this approach for singing.

Along with my private teaching in New York, I have had the opportunity to teach at Banff International Jazz and Creative Music Workshop, The School of Jazz at New School, City College of New York, New York Jazz Academy,  Hot Clube de Portugal, Conservatório de Tatuí (Brasil), Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts (Perth), Lisbon Summer Jazz School, Jazz Seminar at Alhaurin de la Torre (Spain), Madeira Conservatory, Panama Jazz Festival, Wheeler School (Providence), among others.

Lessons may develop within the following topics:


I am  based in New York for most of the year. If you would like to schedule a lesson or organize a workshop, please get in touch. I am also available for Skype lessons.


contact: saraserpa (at) saraserpa.com